4x4x48 challenge 2021

Run 1 – Friday 4pm – 37min 8sec (9:14/mile)

Ok, so I was so nervous and excited to start this challenge that I literally puked in work around 10am. I took half a days holiday to start this at 4pm as I want to complete my last leg at 12pm Sunday. My 2 sister-in-laws and brother-in-law joined me on this leg. I did the one thing that everyone says not to do, I went out way to fast (for me) my right hamstring was sore after this one.

Run 2 – Friday 8pm – 39min 29secs (9:50/mile)

Food prep had come undone straight away, had to nip the shop for bread and eggs, ended up having beans on toast, was bloody lovely too, I generally like to do one big loop (like leg 1) but my sister-in-law suggested a different route, weaving though different streets and a business park, was a bit short so had to improvise towards the end. Hamstring very sore 2 miles into this leg, gonna get some straps on it

Run 3- Saturday 12am – 43 min 39 secs (10:52/mile)

This was a dog-leg out and back run. Nothing special or pretty, downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back. This is where my hamstring really hurt. I could feel pain in every footstrike, but coming back was like lightning bolts firing from the back of my knee up towards the top of my leg. Ouch !!

Run 4 – Saturday 4am – 41 min 38 secs (10:23/mile)

Same route as last time, simple route, not much traffic, hamstring wasn’t hurting as much, just a pulling sensation. Had an energy gel before I set off. Legs like lead this time. At 2.5 mile I developed a pain in my left hip, unsure if it was muscle or joint pain. Time will tell. possibly caused by compensating for my hamstring.

Run 5 – Saturday 8am – 46mins 25secs (11:35/mile)

Got a couple of hours sleep, alternative route through the park while it’s daylight now, walked the uphills as hamstring and left hip becoming a problem,

Run 6 – Saturday 12pm – 47min 14secs (11:45/mile)

Had a long soak in the bath before this run, really struggling now, chest is rattling as if I’ve got a chest infection, hopefully doesn’t get too bad. We’re halfway there now

Run 7 – Saturday 4pm – 45 mins 11sec (11:16/mile)

Legs are like wooden blocks, chest is tight, hip is sore, what have I signed up for here? Had a thin crust pizza after this run.

Run 8 – Saturday 8pm – 45 mins 12 sec (11:16/mile)

Set off slow and steady with both sister-in-laws around 10:30 to 11 min/miles. Legs, hip and chest felt great, I should of had pizza before every run 🙂 Anyway, it was an enjoyable run, and with only 4 more legs to go, I feel like we’ve broke the back of the challenge now. Gonna try and get a couple of hours rest/sleep

Run 9 – Sunday 12am 43mins 55secs (10:58/mile)

Got a solid 2 hours sleep and only woke up because of my alarm, really tired, shoved 4 fig rolls down my throat, and energy gel and away we went. Started strong and again at the 2 mile point, my hip started hurting. Pushed through the pain as much as I could and walked where I had to. Slightly faster than previous legs. On the home straight now, but still a lot of hard work and pain to suffer yet.

Run 10 – Sunday 4am 44mins 7sec (11:01/mile)

1.5 hours sleep, which was nice. Hip hurting all the way around, as soon as I stopped I felt like vomiting, thankfully that passed. Now back to bed.

Run 11 – Sunday 8am 43mins 42secs (10:54/mile)

Penultimate run, 1.5 hours sleep, not particularly feeling as fresh as I have been doing. Brother-in-law kept a steady pace and the chat kept my mind off the hip pain. Happy with the time considering how I felt. Beans on toast ready after my bath. Clair has been really understanding as this has completely took over the weekend. She’s been an absolute rock, making sure I get rest, doing the washing, cooking, looking after Jacob and even making sure I’m up in time for the runs. Best wife… ever

Run 12 – Sunday 12pm -St.helens 10k route – 1hour 10mins (11:13/ mile)

Very hard run, left hip in agony, right shin very tender to the touch. Started gingerly and headed for the dreaded north road which I knew would be painful. my brother-in-law (Martin) challenged me to get up there with no walking, knowing the the uphills where killing me, he knew the severity of this mini challenge. Nevertheless I powered up that road/hill none stop. Shin now on fire, and into the park for 2 laps . Back down the steep long north road, was surprised to see my sister and brother-in-law, and dad were at the bottom with Clair and Jacob. This made the pain subside temporarily, short run though the town centre and over the bridge to finish this challenge at the rugby ground. Insanely tough challenge, way more harder than I thought it would be, will I do it again? … hell yeah !!!

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