6th May 2021

So since my last post, I’ve ran my first (and probably last) R.E.D month in April. I did it to tick off my list of things that runners do. If I’m honest, it was more of a chore and did not enhance my love for running, it had the opposite effect.

I can see the benefits of doing R.E.D. to build a habit of running and to kickstart a health regime, but I was already there. Happy to have had a few days off at the start of May as I was ill towards the end of April, with a cold and chest infection,

Was my Birthday on 2nd May, got a few running tops, shorts and socks. Along with some new HOKA ricon shoes.either the money I received, I put it towards a Garmin Fenix 6X. I’d been threatening to buy one for a while as the Apple Watch I was using was a pain to charge everyday and long runs would use the full battery up

First impressions of using the Fenix 6X are very good. It’s a great size and looks the part. Did a 5k just to see how it was and see if it synced to strava ok. Worked a dream. I’ll do a full review after a few more days of use

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