Friday 19th March 2021

So my 1st challenge was completed and the 4x4x48 challenge was quite tough on my legs and sleeping pattern. I had a full week off from running, mainly due to my pulled right hamstring. After the last leg of the challenge, my wife (Clair) asked ‘what have you done to your leg?’ I looked at my hamstring and it was black and blue with bruising. Thankfully it’s mostly gone and no pain now

I’ve managed a couple of runs this week, 10 mile on Tuesday and 10k on Thursday. I was a tad disappointed in the 10k as I did try and get a sub hour time and gassed out after the 3 mile mark

I’ve been thinking more about my long term running goals this week and a 100 mile race is calling me. I know I couldn’t do it right now, this just means I’ve got to grow into a person that can do it. Most races I look at, ask that you have completed at 50 mile race, this has led me to consider if I have what it takes to complete a 50 miler this year. The Snowdon ultra 50

I’m working tomorrow so the plan is around 10 mile before work, and around 20 mile on Sunday. I just want to get some distance in at the moment. I’m way behind on my annual goal of 2021 miles. Upto 268 miles. Around 150 below where I should be at. Once I’ve caught up, I’ll concentrate on more speed work.

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